WavPack frontend  v.2.0

WavPack frontend is a graphical frontend for the WavPack hybrid lossless audio compressor.Usage: 1. Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into the WavPack frontend window or press the "Add files" button and put files on the list with the "Open"

MAD frontend  v.1.4.1

Decode MP3 files with this application. MAD frontend offer users a GUI for the MAD console application. You can use this tool to decode the MP3 files to wave files when you want to make a normal audio CD from your MP3s. 1. on-the-fly decoding can


Fastenc frontend  v.1.0

Fastenc frontend is a GUI for the Fastenc encoder. Fastenc frontend is a convenient, easy-to-use software that will ease your work with the Fastenc console encoder. This software will help you make MP3s.Usage: 1. Drag and drop wave files from Windows

Speex frontend  v.1.0

Speex frontend is a GUI to help you use Speex. Speex is a free, open source, multi-platform, speech codec. It's a console software and many Windows users don't like to work in the console (DOS-box). That's why I made Speex frontend.

TTA frontend  v.1.4

TTA frontend is a GUI for TTA. TTA is a free, open source (GNU), multi platform, lossless audio compressor. It's a console program. Many Windows users are used to grafical programs and don't like to work in the console.

La frontend  v.1.2

La frontend ease your work with La lossless audio compressor. A convenient, easy-to-use GUI specially designed to help you work with the La console application.

Fsum Frontend  v.

Fsum Frontend is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows to compute message digests, checksums and HMACs for files and text strings.

FLAC frontend  v.

FLAC Frontend is a popular graphical user interface that simplifies all your FLAC audio conversion processes. FLAC developers have selected this interface as an integral part of their distribution files.

Multi frontend  v.0.983 Beta

Multi frontend is a Windows GUI (grafical user interface) for the following console audio encoders/decoders: BladeEnc, FAAC and FAAD, Fraunhofer Fastenc and MP3Enc, Gogo-no-coda, LAME, MAD, Mpadec, MusePack, NEncode, Ogg Vorbis,

WaveGain frontend  v.1.2

WaveGain frontend is a GUI for WaveGain to help you with your work. It applies ReplayGain to wave files. Other ReplayGain tools apply the gain to the encoded file. Because WaveGain is a console program,

Tag frontend  v.1.5.1

Rename your audio files with this tool. Tag is a small console tool to write tags in various compressed audio files. It gets the tag information from filename so in best case you don't need to type anything. It features also a strong file renamer,

X-ROM Frontend  v.0.5

Do you have an X-ROM Flash cartridge and hate remembering all the command line parameters for USBCABLE and MRTOOL?

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